Monday, April 22, 2013

Bow Down Bitches

(Just to note.....this piece was started over a month ago hence the mention of the free HBO for a week.)

Yeah that's right. The bitch said it. Now "Bow Down."

I never thought much of Beyonce. The person, the performer, the singer. Just really never connected. I never saw anything that special in this woman that I ever even purchased an album that she created (and we know music and new albums, new records, and a variation of different artists are basically a must for me to get through this thing we call life), which is strange because I do give almost all a chance. I did love one song that she wrote. It was from years ago and titled "If I Were a Boy" but from all of her massive handfuls of tracks recorded over the past 13 years of her career, only this one song did I truly love. And I did love one video that she made (Single Ladies)....but who didn't? Right Kanye. So why you may ask in the hell am I writing a whole piece on the artist we know as Beyonce (or as she would like to be known, Sasha Fierce.....but we'll get into that later.) I am writing about this woman due to 1 single handed reason. I have HBO for some reason for free for the week and I stumbled across her damn documentary and God what a mistake that was.

I was 11 minutes in and already freaked out and all the sudden she was in a dance class doing warm ups in center....contract and release, contract and release, contract and release. This went on for a full 2 minutes until I finally hit the stop button and asked myself "Wow wtf am I doing?" 1st off just within that 13 minute period all I could say over and over in my mind was, Narcissistic Bitch. But I was intrigued. Not enough to turn the scary movie back in but to google "Beyonce is fucking crazy". Plain and simple I googled just those exact words and wow the whole rest of the world seemed to think the same exact thing! I guess I should have known this already as to see I was the last one to know but as I said in the beginning, I do not in any way follow this woman's career or music even though she seems to think everyone does and that she is the queen of the Universe.

My favorite thing that popped up when I googled this was an article that was written by GQ for the cover before Beyonce did the Superbowl this year. I read it and was blown out of my mind in what a weirdo this woman was. Do you know that she has had a videographer hired since 2005 to follow every single moves she makes on all 365 days a year for 16 out of the 24 hours out of the day??? Well she does. If that doesn't scream something is wrong with this person well then I don't know what will but if you need more there are a million more examples in this article I'm going to link right here for all of you to read. Just as a precaution, if you are a Beyonce fan I do ask you not to read this article because when you are done you sure as hell won't be anymore. So I have to admit that when the free HBO week was almost over and I had time to kill I decided to try to watch a little more of the Documentary, which by the way Beyonce paid, produced, and directed the entire thing. You have to be pretty in love with yourself to think that the whole world wants to watch a 90 min movie of you basically talking to yourself and bossing people around! I got to 20 minutes this time then turned it off. Disgusted. Girl thinks she can dance too which entirely cracks me up. If you watch her videos and performances through the years you'll see she only knows about 3 moves. The bouncing of the ass. The jolting of the hips. And the move that they make fun of on Glee to make people think you can dance and are really working it but really it's just all an illusion, the fast move of the head back and forth, up and down, forcing the hair to fly all over the place basically making you look like a nutcase. (Technical term being "Hairography") But I guess she likes this and I guess her fans do too.....if she has any I'm not too sure after reading all this about her if she actually does.

I would like you to try to get through the entire documentary of this woman created and made and paid for by this woman and then get back to me with your thoughts. I'd love to see how many minutes you got through or if you fell asleep sitting up trying to pay attention. Or actually just read the GQ article. The fact that she has to listen to the song "Make Love to Me" to get herself in the mood enough to go have sex with her husband is just another insane weird creepy fact that NONE of us wanted to know Beyonce.....none of us! Just thought I'd throw that in there to get you guys all pumped to learn more about her insane ways. I'd also like to say that if I ever.....and I mean ever!, had to work under this woman I would quit on the spot like I hope and bet most people do because she is the most vindictive, evil, conceited person to maybe ever walk this earth. She should have never made this movie because I would actually like to go back to my not caring about her ways but now every time I hear her name I cringe and the thought of her actually thinking she can turn into a different person/personality disorder makes me cringe too. It's called a mental disorder's not called Sasha Fierce! On an end note I'll leave you with one of my favorite quotes from our beloved Beyonce, Sasha Fierce, Crazy Bitch....."I now know that, yes, I am powerful, I'm more powerful than my mind can even digest and understand."


Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Super Fun Cat Eye Sunnies

Cateye Sunnies

Tory burch sunglasses

Tom Ford cat eye sunglasses

Burberry sunglasses

House of Harlow 1960 Chelsea

My MUST HAVE cat eye sunnies for the S/S 2013 season! Enjoy!


Wednesday, April 10, 2013

LWD=Little White Dress HEAVEN!

It's that time of year and ohh are there some absolutely fabulous white dresses out there just dying for you to put them on. While I was on a very different project, staples for Spring 2011, I just could help but to pull my favorite white dresses and do a whole post just on this very topic. As you will see, I found some very expensive LWD's, but don't worry because you can find great white summer dresses from Sak's to Target! If you fall in love with a dress while shopping and the fit is just right......just go ahead and get it. Although you may be spending a little more than you wanted, you will see that you will wear the dress ten times more than the cheaper dress!


Asymmetric Taffeta Dress by Carven $760

Satin Jersey One Shoulder Dress by Halston Heritage $325

Goddess Ruched Jersey Dress by Norma Kamali $550

Tulle Trimmed Cotton-Jersey Dress by Miu Miu $485

Ruched Stretch Cotton Dress by James Perse $165

Iphigeni Ruffled Silk Blend Dress by Paul & Joe $1,425

Kelly Long One Shoulder Dress by Alice & Olivia $440

Persephone Dress by Holy Tee $326

Gathered Front Dress by Thakoon $1,050

Tulle Love Dress by LaRok Luxe $348

So which lovely LWD was your personal favorite? I think I need them all!!!

Monday, April 1, 2013

Wool, Leather, Cashmere, and Beauty


....Winter is here and as much I may loathe it, I do often find myself immersed in the enchanting looks we can put together only during this time of year. Layering to me is like heaven. I do this all year round but with colder temperatures you can dive right into this coming out looking like a boho glam goddess. The piece that I would love to show you at this time is the icing on the cake. Your overcoat. So we're going to start from the outside going in during this blog series on how to layer yourself so you will just ravish all your onlookers!

All of these coats can be purchased at the mega fab, online shopping site, Unfortunately I have extremely expensive taste, making not even one of these coats affordable to most. You just have to look at the design and what you would like to pull from each and go out there and try to find a look similar to what you've imagined in your head, drawn in your sketchbook, or saw on this very page.....but at a fraction of the price. is drop dead for fabulous coats under $100! So is Target (hit or miss. you just have to go everyweek), H&M, and Forever21 who also carries plus sizes too now! J. Crew and Anthropologie have gorgeous varieties but you will be looking at around $300 give or take. Also check for sales around and especially after Christmas. I actually got my Theory knee length puffer, that I never take off, at Saks at this exact time during their 40% off sale, which actually began online today! As for that, if you do want to invest, it's definitely worth it. Hit up the sales (if they do not have your size no worries because a wonderful sales stylist will find it at another store and will ship it to you for free), and the outlets like Off Saks and the Nordstrom Rack. Other great lines to check out for coats that I have found to love are Rebecca Taylor, Leifsdottir, Milly, Theory, Elie Tahari, and Mcginn to name a few. Oh and Rachel Roy has a completely adorb line at Macy's. Check her out too. Those listed above are more of an investment but they will last you for years and years.

Burberry Prorsum-Wool Crepe Coat. (impeccable!)

Moschino Cheap and Chic-Ruffled Wool and Cashmere-blend Coat. (ruffles!)
Preen Line-Knife Faux Leather-sleeved Wool-blend Coat (too cool!)

Roland Mouret-Textured Wool and Silk coat (soo chic)

Helmut Lang-HELMUT Nitro Asymmetric Quilted Coat (PERFECT puff coat)
Alexander McQueen-Wool-Felt Coat (DARLING. to die!)

Emilio Pucci-Houndstooth Crystal-embellished Chiffon Coat (I'm speechless!)
Rag & Bone-Biker Wool and Leather Coat (statement piece!)

Red Valentino-A-Line Quilted Coat (another PERFECT puffer!)

The Row-Nesjen Leather Coat (a must have!)

And finishing it off, this is what I call a timeless, absolutely stunningly gorgeous, piece of art.
Dolce & Gabana-Wool-blend Felt Cape-style Coat (I'd go into debt for this. No question!)


Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Put A Nail On It

Fall has arrived and although most of the great fashionistas started wearing the hot, new, in colors for fall for a while now.... it's about time you do too! I will take you through the greatest polish colors that you need for F/W 2012.

As we know this fall is all about the Burgundy/Wine color from the headbands we put on our heads to the polish we put on our little nails. Another must have polish color for fall 2012 is my favorite color, Navy. Let's begin with these two.

This color is OPI and called 'We'll Always Have Paris'. It is the absolute to die color you want on your nails and the best color I found to fit this trend out of the hundreds I looked at. One problem. I bought this color about 2 years ago when the OPI Paris collection came out. Whether you can still purchase it, I don't know but don't worry I have a backup for you just in case.

This is MAC's 'Vintage Vamp' which is a gorgeous alternative and just a must have in your nail polish color collection no matter what.

Ahh soo pretty! I just got this one the other day and it is stunning. So when I heard Navy nails were going to be all the rage, I immediately began looking for a great navy polish. Not one polish from any collection met my expectations until I found 'Royal Navy' by Butter London. (I was going to return to one of my all time favs, Russian Navy, but this fits the season much better.

Bengate by Dior for F/W 2012. I usually don't do browns (I just usually never find them attractive), but this color changed my mind.

Zoya's 'Snow White'. Now I know this was a huge trend of the summer but I just love the glamorous look of white nails so I think this should be carried into F/W and further. Classic.

Love! And it's perfect for you that don't love to wear dark nails all the time. This flawless color is Butter's 'Yummy Mummy'. Although this color is very in for Fall it is also a classic that can be worn for years to come!

I have a huge thing for dark green polishes and this one fulfills my every need. It's also metallic which also screams fall and makes it one of my must have polish's.

The polishes listed above are just the colors that are being known and in for Falk/Winter 2012. If you have to pic one definetly go for the OPI 'We'll Always Have Paris". It's definetly going to be your go to color. Oh and if you read my "Like Never" piece you can go ahead now and through all your pastel, Easter egg looking colors in the trash now. Thank you.

Oh wait, there is one more color that you can NEVER go wrong with whatever the year or season. If ever in doubt, throw this color on for an instant chic look.
Chanel 'Black Satin' of course!

Heroin Killed The Radio Star

My favorite causes and charities have just about the raddest clothing ever to sport and support your love for the awesome things you are overcoming, fighting, and are dreaming of! Check it out!

So 1st up we have......SOBER IS SEXY. Hell yeah it is and they have a whole online shop with some very awesome tees, sweats, jewelry, ect. to show how you are rocking your new sober self.

Follow them on Facebook, on twitter @soberisexy, and on their badass website with all the awesome tees your little sober heart could desire at! Here's a little preview:

To Write Love On Her Arms is one of my favorite causes ever and I own 4 shirts from them. They are in support of depression, anxiety, cutting, suicidality, and other mental illnesses. They are fabulous!
Follow them on Facebook, on Twitter @TWLOHAdays, and on their very well informing darling little site (this is where you shop as well!) at! Here's a little preview of TWLOHA'S awesome gear:

Set of Wings is sooo cool! You'll love it. Their motto is "Set of Wings stands for your story, your passion, your statement, which will daily inspire, motivate and remember you to set your goals and fulfill them." Awesome right!!! I'm a dreamer and I will fight till I get that dream and that's exactly what these glorious wings they put on your back do. True statement, there are actually little wings printed on the back of all the shirts. I mean that's so kick ass!
Follow them on Facebook at Set of Wings Clothing, on Twitter @setofwings (they are super fun to have twitter rants with too. Maybe like the coolest guys ever!), and on the web at! Here's, once again, a little preview of all the rad sweatshirts, tees, and so on, you can purchase to support this and to add a daily reminder in your life to dream:

Okay I think the causes and glorious tees, tanks, sweatshirts, earrings, and even iPhone covers you can wear to show your love for them, beats anything else I can say! I just ordered the Dance Is My Hustle in a Black Sweatshirt! It's just too damn sweet not to!
Have fun shopping, "liking", and "following"-Sober Is Sexy, To Write Love On Her Arms, and Set Of Wings.

Full of Sweet Relief

Sung by the amazing character, Scarlett O'Connor (Clare Bowen), from the glorious addictive and mesmerizing show, Nashville. If you haven't watched it from the beginning, start now. You won't regret it. Even if you watch just for the beautiful music that will touch each and every one if you. All the music written for this show just reaches in and touches your heart.

'When the Right One Cones Along'

There's no music, no confetti
Crowds don't cheer, and bells don't ring
But you'll know it, I can guarantee
When the right one comes along

What they're thinkin', what you're feelin,
You no longer have to guess
All those questions are finally put to rest
When the right one comes along

Every single broken heart will lead you to the truth
You think you know what you're lookin for
Til what you're lookin for finds you

In a cold world, it's a warm place
where you know you're supposed to be
A million moments full of sweet relief
When the right one comes along

Every single broken heart will lead you to the truth
You think you know what you're lookin' for
Til what you're lookin' for finds you

It's so easy, nothin' to it
though you may not believe me now
But I promise that you'll find out
When the right one comes along

All that changes is only everything
When the right one comes along...

I usually cry with joy when I sing and play this on my guitar. It's so truthful and for a true romantic like me, it just describes everything that is to come.....when the right one comes along.